Tracking, managing and protecting your endpoints from procurement to retirement.

Today’s executives and office workers are more dependent than ever before on technology to be effective in what they do on a daily basis. Clarotech’s managed endpoint service helps to keep staff both productive and secure on all the devices they use, from desktops and notebooks through to tablets and smartphones.

The task of managing IT assets becomes far more challenging as a business expands beyond a handful PC desktops and notebooks.  This is further complicated by adding other endpoints such as tablets and smartphones to the mix. By partnering with us, the tracking of endpoints from procurement through to retirement is taken care of in a systematic and professional manner.  From keeping antivirus protection up to date through to ensuring the latest operating system and application patches are installed, effective endpoint management ensures a business’ endpoint devices operate reliably and remain secure so that staff stay productive.


We provide customised endpoint consulting that focuses on applying the appropriate technology to fit each client’s specific needs and budget.


We offer highly secure managed systems and processes to rpotect endpoints from external security threats.


Our support team has the experience and skills to deal with complexities of daily endpoint management in businesses of all sizes.


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