3rd September 2018

Seventeen years ago, Clarotech was formed with the goal of providing relevant and innovative technology advice to customers. We have always embraced change and grown into new areas of technology. Our customers know us as trusted advisors in the fields of VoIP telephony, cloud technology and managed services.  Our inherent drive to grow and learn has resulted in many unique partnerships with other industry leaders to best provide for the needs of our customers.

In this spirit, we are excited to announce that Clarotech has been acquired by Logicalis SA (Pty) Ltd. The Logicalis Group is an international IT solutions and managed services provider.  The similarities in business strategy, culture and ethos between the two companies have made this acquisition a “natural fit”.

Says Colin Fair: “For the past few years, the management team has been looking for a company who could be a partner for us, one that would allow us to create something special from the marriage. We have been seeking a 1+1=4 scenario that would benefit our customers and our staff.” This is what Clarotech has found in Logicalis.

Logicalis has 4,700 employees across 25 countries providing managed services to businesses of all sizes. Today’s announcement represents a significant step forward for the group in South Africa, growing both the staff and the customer base. For more information on Logicalis, please visit: https://www.za.logicalis.com/

Although Logicalis has a central core of common services, it also supports centers of excellence throughout the world, each with their own specialist skills. As other Logicalis group companies will benefit from Clarotech’s unique areas of expertise, so Clarotech looks forward to harnessing the knowledge held in business units across the globe.  “We are excited about sharing technical solutions with our new colleagues at Logicalis for the benefit of our customers.” says Antony Russell.

Thank you for your support and partnership thus far and we look forward to continuing the next part of our journey with you.

Colin and The Clarotech Team