QueueMetrics course for Managers and Supervisors


Would you like to maximise the value you get out of QueueMetrics reporting?

Clarotech College offers a two hour training session/refresher course for all managers and supervisors either currently using the product or new to the product.

Course Overview

  • Reporting - detailed call agent reporting broken down by queue, agent group or location
  • QA module - quality checks on calls; scoring of agents according to your personalised criteria
  • Real time monitor - monitoring of what is happening in your call centre in real time and remote call monitoring of calls as they are handled
  • QueueMetrics functionality - icon agent page, IVR tracking mode, layout update


Course Fees

2 hr session = R 1800.00 (ex VAT)
Note: This rate excludes travel costs


Register or find out more

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Contact details

  021 689 5330



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