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Safeguard your VoIP call quality with Call Quality Manager, installed on shift*eight.  Call Quality Manager analyses delay variation and packet loss on calls made on a shift*eight telephone system to provide call quality reporting; enabling purposeful troubleshooting that can save time and support money.

Call Quality Manager can identify call quality issues as they occur because it is constantly running and analysing call quality in real time.  Notification alerts can be configured to send a message via email to a specified recipient whenever call quality degradation exceeds a threshold.  By providing instant alerts to call quality issues, swift troubleshooting is then possible that can identify whether the cause of the problem is the VoIP provider, the Telco infrastructure provider or the telephone system itself. 

Features of Call Quality Manager
Monitor and troubleshoot VoIP call quality
Provides information to help manage your VoIP SLA
Receive alerts whenever call quality issues occur
Decode speech and play via a web GUI
Scalable to handle thousands of calls
Archive all SIP and RTP signalisation
Track and archive all calls and save CDR records to a database
Record and listen to calls

The Call Quality Manager GUI

Comprehensive filters to find CDRs based on IP address, phone numbers and qualitative parameters
Listen to calls online via the built-in flash player
Manage VoIPmonitor sniffer built-in filters
Web and email report generator
Notification alert generator
Grouping feature based on IP addresses, email, last SIP response codes or codecs for easy filtering and alerting
Live calls overview with national/international filter
Built-in ‘traceroute’ tool


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