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Clarotech’s cloud-based Hosted PBX takes the hassle out of traditional telephony. No more huge CAPEX layouts and costly on-site PBX maintenance agreements.

Using Clarotech’s Hosted PBX, you get all the feature-rich functionality without the clutter and pain of on-site PBX equipment. Plus you get top quality voice calls at a fraction of the cost. And because Clarotech maintains your cloud PBX so that it’s always working, you just need to concern yourself with picking up the phone and getting on with business.

The features
Voicemail to email
Route voicemails to email
Speed dials
Short codes for quick dialling
Web voicemail
Access your voicemail via a web browser

Call line identity
Be notified of the number or name of the incoming call
Music on hold
Music setup to play while callers are on hold

Access the PBX management console to update the configuration
Conference calling
Mulit-way conferencing
Extension management
Add or remove extensions easily
IVR and auto-attendant
Action responses for your callers

Call reporting
Receive useful reports via email about call duration, department call usage, longest calls, etc.
Ring group
Set up a pickup group for incoming calls

Call cost management (Optional)
Manage your Telco costs per call for individuals, departments, regions, etc.


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Hassle-free telephony is a PBX in the cloud!


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